The Importance of Trees
Trees help us breathe and provide a home for all kinds of different animals and insects. They also provide shade and some give fruit for people to eat. And even though it is bad, humans cut down trees to make wood. Besides, where else would we get that all important wood from?

Apart from the above, trees are lungs of the good environment. They take much of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Therefore greenhouse gas load is reduced and effects of global warming are also brought down. Further dead trees got buried in soil provide fossil fuels like coal, gasoline products, etc. Among all, trees are having an undisputable role in bringing rain to earth. Moreover, they provide a cover over the top surface of earth preventing heating up by solar rays.


to provide – zaopatrywać
timber – drewno
fruit – owoc
beverages – napoje
indigenous – rodzimy, miejscowy
heaven – niebo
wide range – szerokiej rangi
shade – cień
erosion control – kontrola erozji
unsustainable – naruszające równowagę
spiritual – duchowe
major religions – główne religie
souls of ancestors – dusze przodków
opportunities – sposobności
dwellers – mieszkańcy
cure disasters – naprawiać klęski
burial sites – miejsca pochówku

opracowała: Karolina Gliwa

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