ACT ECO on UNEP 2015
PROJECT ACT ECO - Gimnazjum nr 2 im. ks. prof. Józefa Tischnera - Secondary School, Zakopane, Poland celebrated World Environment Day - by organizing an environmental awareness event addressed to students from various schools, their parents, the Town Mayor, local authorities and other community members. The event included:
•Exhibition "World Environment Day"; "Jan Sztaudynger - a Polish poet and nature lover".
•Workshop and finale of Zakopane schools art/ecological competition Light and Light-based Technologies- the winners’ prizes donated by the Town Mayor, media patronage
•Finale of Gimnazjum nr 2 “School Ecological - Science Education” competition- the winners’ prizes donated by SEWiK Zakopane.
•Finale of Gimnazjum nr 2 competition "Buy clothes and electronics responsibly!," prizes donated by Giewont Cinema Zakopane

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To think responsibly about the fate of next generations.

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